Eshaan Roshan

Before I transformed myself, I was so fat that I didn’t know if I had gained so much weight because of depression or if I was living a miserable life because of the weight I’d gained.

Being mentally exhausted each day led me to stop caring as much about what I was eating or how I was exercising. I tried to escape reality through food and drinks. I abandoned the gym altogether. I remember looking in the mirror and not even recognizing myself. I was embarrassed, disgusted and ashamed that I’d let myself get to that point.

The very next day, I went and shopped at the grocery store. I stocked enough meat, vegetables and brown rice to last me for a month. I also invested in good supplementation. I went with Spartan Nutrition. And I’m glad that I did! I got the Spartan fat burners, BCAA and my favourite and tastiest Spartan ISO in strawberry flavour.

The toughest period of my transformation was the first two weeks where I didn’t see any change in myself. I remember running on the treadmill and thinking to myself ‘This is not going to work.’

But it had to work. There was no looking back. I decided to give it all that I had and I finally started seeing results after 4 weeks. I felt healthier, I looked better and I was feeling even more confident.

Trust me once you see results in yourself, it automatically pushes you to go harder. It lights the fire within you and gives you the ultimate motivation to really follow through without quitting.

About ten weeks into the challenge, people started making comments about how much weight I had lost and asked if I was working with a personal trainer or what supplementation I was taking. I would help them with a personal diet plan and recommend them Spartan products for their supplementation.

Now that I have completed my challenge, I want to give a big shout out to Spartan Nutrition! Thank you for your amazing products! They are VERY EFFECTIVE and very well priced! Looking forward to more products from your company in the near future.

Eshaan Roshan.